Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Winterlight at Waddsdon Manor

Field of moons Hazy lights Narnia dimensional accident
Geodesic Bottle Dome Floating seedheads field and the full moon
fairy mistletoe Moving morse Neon clothespegs

I thought I'd missed it, but Bruce Munro's Winterlight (shiny contemporary lights at very fancy stately home Waddesdon Manor) was running till the weekend after New Year's. Above, you can see a mass of attack moons created by projectors in a field of silage bales: formal gardens filled with massed fibre optic flowers, tipped with bobbles like the stoma of alien mosses: lamppost caught in a dimensional accident: best bottle greenhouse ever: giant floating alien seedpods: the garden with the full moon: fairy-light mistletoe (not art, just decoration): morse code river: cockatoo-chattering neon clothespegs. You can read the sleeve notes here (and see what Bruce did last Christmas).  I must return in daylight sometime.

Wrapped Statue Rose canopy
leavesWrapped Tree Fern

The gardens seemed... intriguing.

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