Thursday, 23 March 2017

marvellous magnolias

Magnolias are having a bit of a moment this year. Here's one I planted, over ten years ago now, it's huge nowadays, outcompeting the grass and making it to berries every other year.

magnolia sky

The year it first flowered (after the first year, which never counts, this was its first real year of having its own flowers rather than ones forced by the nursery)  I took this photograph. It's an Alba Superba - a popular variety with big white flowers flushed with a little pink.

var. Alba

Here it is the year it arrived; 2006, in a big box marked LIVE PLANTS KEEP UPRIGHT, and how it looked when I walked past this year. It's come on!

Magnolia stalking cat

I've always liked magnolias and intended to plant one the moment I had a suitable front garden. They're showy-offy, not for hiding out back. Bring them out where they can make people smile at the spring.

Magnolia with Jeremy

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