Thursday, 23 February 2017

gardens glimpsed from public transit

One of my very favourite ways to view gardens is from public transport as it is slowing down. The backs of gardens on the way into stations, the top-deck glimpses from double decker buses pulling into stops, the view of the suburbs from a sharply banking plane. Here I am looking down from London's cable car, a famous white elephant infrastructure project that was busy and lively when we took it across the Thames, at regenerating docklands, park-ups giving way to municipal planting and tourist destinations.

the docks

Photographs are often very unsuccessful in such situations. There is an extraordinary looking garden attached to Providence Tower (foreground, in front of Ontario Tower) which is just visible as the DLR pulls into the station; but the foreground station furniture your eyes gloss out obscures it firmly from camera view.

At Blackwall station

The DLR barely stops at stations; there was no chance of a second shot. But if you want to see what I mean, Ballymore's New Providence Wharf website gives some pretty good views of the all season and winter gardens in question. Or you could watch the video, for the right High Rise ambience:

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