Wednesday, 25 November 2015

half an hour before dusk

We've hit that time of year. Late afternoon and you realise it's half an hour before full darkness and if you intended to do anything in the garden it's now or not, and given that there's going to be a hard frost that night (the soft one having taken out the top foliage of the dahlia and the begonia the night before) then it's now, or no more (abutilon) (agapanthus) (nectarine) etc.

I decided that the small stone fruit trees were too heavy for the greenhouse this year. They've gone into the shed (it's got a perspex roof). The Fuchsia were all looking quite rough, not having liked the previous night's touch of frost at all; into the greenhouse with them, to nestle up against the chillies (there are too many to come inside).

One last desperate check round for anything forgotten; a quick check of labels on the fancy plants. A dither over the South African Heathers and the Tree Fern (out for now - may come in). The sky darkening fast, the garden still a chaos of weeds and autumn leaves and hands that need decontaminating before shaping the bread (on its one hour rest).

My poor grape vine. Huge bunches of nearly ripened grapes and yellow, tattered leaves. I fear it will all go into the compost this year.

Next up: winter container activity, including potting on the apple tree.

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