Saturday, 2 May 2015

This space needs tulips

A Cherry Tree needed to be taken down on court corner (the close where people wait to pick up their friends or clients coming back from court) last year. It was a favourite of mine - sparse blossom that gave way to bright green leaves, all smothered in a rough, whitish, untended Wisteria. That's the view up through the branches in 2012.

The Wisteria went at the same time - there's a hint of smothered street-lamp in that shot, perhaps hinting at reasons why (there were also, suddenly and unexpectedly, people's windows behind all that chaos), and the bounce-back began almost immediately, Hellebores and Forget-me-nots leaping up to fill the cleared space.

This spring it looked like this (left). The tulips are new, and the homogeneity and number suggests someone thought, that needs a spot of colour and bought a packet of bulbs from the Pound Shop or M&S or Robert Dyas or maybe filled a paper bag at the Covered Market and snuck out at twilight to bung some bulbs in, no don't mind me, it's just that this space needs tulips. It's looking good!

I noticed some similarly how-did-they-get-there tulips on the weir below the castle. This looks like someone got a bucket of mixed bulbs from somewhere and spent a happy half-hour burying them in the grass. The houses opposite have a good view of the weir, and you can get out onto the weir island via a little access bridge. There's often a Grey Heron sits there, fishing the fast water, and if I lived there, I might think that looks great, but it would look even better if there were some tulips.

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