Saturday, 28 February 2015

Potting on

My propagator stayed on overnight accidentally again, provoking the annoying drying which leaves you desperately trying to remoisten suddenly hydrophobic compost... but to be honest, I should have potted on the seedlings days ago. Three things always step in to stop me. One, I have no space for young tender seedlings in my dark house with its narrow windowsills and black mould tendencies. Two, how big is "big enough to handle" anyway? Three, I'm rubbish at potting on seedlings.

Krim seedlings

Still, there they are, crammed onto one of those narrow windowsills, doubtless growing their own little mould garden under their tray. That one at the front suffered damage to its stem in transplant (shaky hands, an old kitchen spoon and lots of swearing describe my potting on style fairly accurately) and I was expecting it to shrivel and die. Instead it's growing better than all but two of the others - with a permanently kinked stem.

That's Krim; we also have Peppers, Dahlias and Marigolds, all of which are shrivelling in various dark corners. And Foxgloves, but they're really not big enough to pot on yet.

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