Saturday, 2 August 2014

Composting the St John's Wort Teabags

The tea cupboard was overflowing and I needed to to shed a few packets of the unused, unloved, unuseful teas. I found the Heath & Heather St John's Wort tea tucked at the back, bought when the health food shop was selling their last packets ever half price. Last ever because it's not a very safe item, St John's wort. Counterindicated if you're at elevated stroke risk, suffer from migraine, may interfere with hormonal contraception, etc. It's a proper herbal, by which I mean one where you have to tell your Doctor if you're taking it, and they will then tell you not to take it.

I briefly considered Freegling it, as there is sure to be someone locally who's happy to take the risk for the benefit (as I recall, a faint sense of warmth and restlessness, alongside endorphin release from the gag response to the disgusting flavour) but then I examined the packet and realised that the whole thing would compost and/or recycle. Problem solved, thanks to Heath & Heather's minimal packaging. It did all look very cheerful in the process, too.

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