Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Pepperpot Bees

Last year a solitary bee made the contents of this plant pot its mission. The pot was hanging from the apex of my greenhouse roof and contained a cheerful windowsill chilli pepper, which flower and fruited and provided chillies for my stir fries while all the while an industrious little Leafcutter Bee came and went.  
look at those nests!

I saw the adult going into the holes at the bottom of the plant pot and briefly felt nervous about watering the pot, but it didn't seem to put the bee off in the slightest.

last year's bee nests access holes nests in the compost
There was nothing left in the little tubes (they are made of Amelanchier leaves) when I was disposing of last year's pots at the weekend (having let them sit all winter). I never saw any of the young bees emerge, but hopefully they did fine.

The same pot's back into the greenhouse, this time loaded up with a Nosferatu. Bees welcome.

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