Thursday, 29 June 2017

the windowsills have gone a bit Pinterest

Among the various purchase opportunities at GW Live were some people selling air plants. They had some beauties, on a three for one deal, and although admittedly I have no more space on my windowsills (see below) I somehow came home with three.

pinterest windowsill

This is the windowsill before the new arrivals. As you can see, one of these pots is not like the others. But the ramekin will hold it until I find it a little concrete cylinder.

pinterest windowsill fail

I already had airplants. I had three, because they seem to attract 3-for-a-deals. Now I have six, including some Spanish moss. I should really look up how to care for that. Everything else gets a fortnightly dunk, usually for twenty minutes but once I forgot, and they soaked for more like five hours.

Nothing died. That's airplants for you.

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