Sunday, 11 June 2017

astroturf zentai and the drunken days of june

Florals are having a moment at the moment. I may even manage to fill out my punk gardener wardrobe this year. In the last few years I've stepped away from having "gardening clothes" -- you know, stained old t-shirts, tough jeans, semi-broken shoes and into gardening in good clothes. Everything washes, and the garden deserves it as much as the gig or the street. Dandy up to weed out the dandelions, why not? Do your nails before tying in the vines. And also afterwards, because you'll have to.

These images (fall into Richard Quinn's floral Dystopia, i-D magazine) capture a bit of the immersive feel I like to have in my garden, that tumble into a drunken floral tangle with fruit, and yes, thorns, and if your shirt gets a little ripped in among the greenery well, it's all gardening.

astroturf zentai

My border's a bit overcrowded at the moment, It got flattened in the high winds, and now everything's growing sideways. The foxgloves got smacked down, then started growing up, in a lewd pink wiggle. My apples, in response to the dry-dry-dry then then suddenly WET!!!! have cracked. Never seen that before.

drunken garden<

Also of note from the creativity issue of i-D; Dilara Findikoglu does wildflower meadows, and Tim Walker, Jack Appleyard and Gareth Wrighton, and Gary Card explore the country estate look,

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