Sunday, 16 April 2017

neon campfires

I saw a Neon Campfire at Kinetica this year. Consisting as it did of a series of glued together shards of glass over a laser projector it looked a relatively simple (if somewhat unsafe)  homebuild (I even have an old projector light that's almost never being used) but pretty as it is, you would never draw close to it, and warm your hands on its icy edges.

kinetica london 2017

It's surprisingly warm, for April. Yuri night seemed like a good night to trial the Fire Bowl that I had been craving since I'd huddled round a friend's a new year. I bought some Aurora Cones, to light up the flames in bright colours:

You can't cook marshmallows over it. It's only copper sulphate, so not too toxic, but the ash is contaminated. We let it cool and threw it away.

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