Sunday, 19 March 2017

four camellia hats and a doughnut

I visited Portsmouth today, a regular visit. The Camellias were in full, incandescent bloom, dropping flowers carelessly like they had so many they didn't care (which they did). In the back gardens where it was still a bit cold to eat, I found camellias and duck ornaments and did the obvious.

So we also went to the cafe for lunch, where I found the doughnut. It was the best looking doughnut I've ever tasted, but also turned out to have a full-circle custard filling, a neat trick in a ring doughnut.

Afterwards, we visited the sea front and wandered around on the old firing range. Low oak groves grow there, twisted by the wind. In them we found people had been hanging holed stones, hung on flotsam twine. The sky was dark and the wind was hard; properly bracing.

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