Wednesday, 29 March 2017

e's extraordinary garden

I'm staying at my sister's this evening, as I'm on two unconnected days working in London. They're in the final stages of doing up their big townhouse (they both work, and they're raising kids, so it's a very long-term project). the conference ends in reasonable time, so I'm in early enough for a brief look at how their garden is doing, the second spring after the garden designer did her thing.

It's very much in the Chelsea show-garden style, with huge brightly-coloured planters and a big flat yellow fashionaly curvy wall/planter arrangement separating off the patio area (which tidily extends out at the same level as the kichen floor, a modern affectation I can't help but find seductive). Steps lead down to a semi-planted paved area, the risers decorated with quirky tiles (there was a fight with the designer here, but my sister had the right idea, as any number of Pinterest boards will demonstrate) and a variety of decorative/kitchen bobbins (a big trough, a strawberry wall). There is a Wisteria, which I think is specified in the area regulations (all privately owned houses abovea certain size must have a Wisteria).

Beyond the yellow wall, two slightly annoying trees were replaced with one that would be less annoying, if only it would thrive (trees take soime years to settle in, though, so it'll probably get there), and a play area with its own basketball net/climbing wall has replaced the rat-infested shed. Everyone has their own bit of flowerbed too, in this screenaway area, where they won't cause any trouble.

E's just planted up one of her enormous patio pots with huge showy bright wallflowers and tulips. It looks much like everything else - fabulous.

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