Monday, 9 January 2017

a little bit of bowie shines on

Winter tip run. The sky is grey. The only green comes from the moss and the evergreens.

It's the anniversary of David Bowie's death, and I come to watching this through looking for Bowie and winter. He played the Bournemouth Winter Gardens, and this news spot was made.

I love the flummoxed looks from Bowie's starchildren as the interviewer attempts the confrontational techniques that would have produced fireworks from mods and rockers and even the gobby girls that chased the Beatles.

Here for the first time is the glimpse of a different way; of not needing to defend what is obviously good, and not needing to fight those who are obviously mistaken. The birth of "and what?"

Some of my wallflowers are in bloom, and the hellebores are coming on,and the winter jasmine is sparking away  but I need more winter garden colour, more glitter in the border, more glam in the pots.

It's time to buy some pansies.

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