Friday, 30 September 2016

give me candy

pavement collage

The pavement by Quaking Bridge, in Oxford, just behind the Castle complex, whether by deliberate public art or unauthorised intervention, breaks up its moss garden with patterns and candy.

pavement collage

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

utopian garden dreams

My utopia is a garden. Green in the house, green outside. Trees interlacing the houses, moss underfoot. Wecome to Utopia by Design, London Bienniale 2016.

Please, sit on the art.

social space/fun mirror self reflection and solidarity

Please, marvel at our irrigation techniques. And also, sit on the art.

irrigation models tim spinning

Please, take our precious water, sit by our electronic campfire.

water machine malfunction digital campfire

Please, enter our woodlands. You can choose whether or not to fear the sky.

Taiwanese eatopia am i?

Do enjoy our garden furniture. You cannot take it home with you.

Parawifi cube looking for the price tag

Admire our ladder. You cannot climb it, for it is out of reach.

out of reach ladders Shenzhen New Peak

Like your astonishing future.

Friday, 23 September 2016

latebricole: Of an animal, esp. a spider: living concealed in a hole.

September has come to the garden. Mostly I am experiencing this by walking into spiderwebs. With pleasurable synchronicity, OED's Word of the Day has served me up latebricole.

hole in the wall

This hole is not from outside. It's in my veranda, a boxed-in porch that is not quite inside but a great deal more than outside. I sprout plants in their in the spring; in winter I overwinter chillis, even though it's too dark and the temperature swings are too wild.

spider spinning

The spider's webs I'm walking into outside do not belong to a latebricole spider, but to the European Garden Spider, which lives in or near its web, concealed in foliage.

The beast in my veranda is likely a lace-web spider.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

scaffolding modesty forest

The works are in at St James Park, but they've drawn a veil across proceedings, tidily printed with a backdrop of leafy trees:

A veil of trees

A veil of trees

Wait, that's not just a backdrop, is it? It's the backdrop; St James Park printed onto its own scaffolding-cosy.

That's fancy.

Friday, 2 September 2016

bars on the pavement, one-two-three

shadow ladder

This fancy ironwork is outside an old school just down the road from where I work. A proper fence should throw a shadow that feels like a barrier when you walk through it, the bars striping your legs.

railings/nonslip paving shadows, steps

It should create a net of shadows or vivid brushstrokes of dark and light:

frost on the bridge ironwork shadows

It should define the space it divides.

net of shadows