Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas loot and no sweetpeas

I didn't plant any sweetpeas this year at Christmas. Something about the day had left no space. Maybe I need to kick it forward to Boxing Day. Never mind, plenty of time.

I didn't put lights on Spriggy my topiary chameleon this year. The solar powered lights were underwhelming, and seemed not worth the work in putting them up.

I was given a gardening journal. It's very pretty, and so far I've been using it to store the plants I fancy trying, culled from the gardening catalogues that come thick and fast this time of year.

I tend to buy my mum-in-law plants at Christmas. She, like me, likes to have living things about the place in the depths of winter. Last year I ordered fancy things from the garden suppliers and they were not good. This year I just got something simple from one of my local suppliers.

I didn't buy Christmas tulips. I never saw any good ones. I like them red, garish, with glitter on. But I expect some years are better than others, even for plants forced under glass.

Christmas feels muted this year. 2016 was difficult.

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