Friday, 14 October 2016

the long awaited kickstarter - living ink

I bought into the Living Ink kickstarter becuase it aligned with my interests: draw with live plants, ink that grows! And due to turn up in my birthday month, too. Brilliant.

The first rumbles of awkwardness began to emerge with the updates. We've adjusted the prizes after your feedback, they said. The various changes described were strongly suggestive of an online eco dressing down; cool plastic pens were to be replaced with the sort of paintbrushes you can buy anywhere, plastic and printed elements were to be "absolutely minimised". Hmm, already drifting away from the reward being something attractive and unique.

Then the research phase began to take longer. Quite a bit longer. Then the deliveries to the UK were delayed. Then autumn came, and my chirpy confidence that the algae would be fine getting across the Atlantic and to me began to look silly. Then came six days delay while I wrestled the item bit by bit (customs charge, failed delivery, delivery to pick-up point, delivery delayed) from the delivery firm.

Finally, it's here. And it's kind of small.

customs change paid inside the package

Oh look, a canvas tote bag and a few pages printed out of a desk-printer. What's in the bag?

DO NOT eat this is BONKERS

Do not eat!!!! Yes, hilarious. Scribble is unimpressed.

the contents - use right away fast ink, slow ink

... wow. Cheap generic components, and a heavily pixellated print out coloring-page.

I'm not expecting great things of the ink, as there were updates about running into challenges. Still, that's the way of the Kickstarter. Sometimes you get something awesome, sometimes you end up paying for someone else's failed R&D.

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