Saturday, 8 October 2016

naked ladies and putting another gardener to bed

Gardener's World is an hour long now! Monty Don got quite suggestive this evening, as if he's been told to give it a bit of good old Bake-off innuendo (wonder why). He got quite rhapsodic over Naked Ladies, aka Colchium. They also brought in Flo Headlam for a tiny spot in a street garden, Greening Grey Britain one front garden at a time. There is promise of small urban spaces featuring in the future, albeit as little studs of reality in a world of vast fancy semi-pro gardens full of invisible and unacknowledged undergardeners.

Flo Headlam's pretty cool, but doesn't say much, Her twitter's mainly retweets, and her instagram is quite focussed on the presenting work. I love this pic though:

In other news, Cancer year continues :(

Sloth grave

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