Thursday, 29 September 2016

utopian garden dreams

My utopia is a garden. Green in the house, green outside. Trees interlacing the houses, moss underfoot. Wecome to Utopia by Design, London Bienniale 2016.

Please, sit on the art.

social space/fun mirror self reflection and solidarity

Please, marvel at our irrigation techniques. And also, sit on the art.

irrigation models tim spinning

Please, take our precious water, sit by our electronic campfire.

water machine malfunction digital campfire

Please, enter our woodlands. You can choose whether or not to fear the sky.

Taiwanese eatopia am i?

Do enjoy our garden furniture. You cannot take it home with you.

Parawifi cube looking for the price tag

Admire our ladder. You cannot climb it, for it is out of reach.

out of reach ladders Shenzhen New Peak

Like your astonishing future.

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