Saturday, 24 September 2016

latebricole: Of an animal, esp. a spider: living concealed in a hole.

September has come to the garden. Mostly I am experiencing this by walking into spiderwebs. With pleasurable synchronicity, OED's Word of the Day has served me up latebricole.

hole in the wall

This hole is not from outside. It's in my veranda, a boxed-in porch that is not quite inside but a great deal more than outside. I sprout plants in their in the spring; in winter I overwinter chillis, even though it's too dark and the temperature swings are too wild.

spider spinning

The spider's webs I'm walking into outside do not belong to a latebricole spider, but to the European Garden Spider, which lives in or near its web, concealed in foliage.

The beast in my veranda is likely a lace-web spider.

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