Friday, 22 July 2016

MKIF - Tweed Pigeons, Green Roofs and Lego

We'd already been to MKIF for Voalá: Station the previous week, but this time we were just there to mosey and soak up the sights. Most of the action we were interested in was inside centre: mk so we spent most of the day under sunny glass, dipping in and out of the gardens. The main space was taken up by a huge light/projection installation, the green-roofed chapel was showing a hypnotic film of community-inclusive dance in one of MK's woodlands, the crowd of tweed pigeons in some of the centre's trees turned out to be a "fringe" installation (we never did work out how official these were) and the data visualisations of the city were live. Just time to visit the lego shop on the way home.

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