Saturday, 4 June 2016

spriggy gets his spring trim

It's a moment of slight sadness, Spriggy's spring trim. This year his hedge was gaudied about with Euphorbia, Valerian and Alkanet, and the first flowers were just beginning to break bud. I recorded the pretty flowers and set about with my shears.

pretty weed combo spriggy's spring trim
spriggy's spring trim spriggy's spring trim

This year, I'm growing Spriggy's back up, so in the end I was able to leave a lot of the creamy flowers to thrill the local bees. I'm also lifting the topiary up and away from the hedge ; you can see light under his tail and legs now. Things are looking a little spare and lumpy as a result, but the second cut (after the flowers are done) will smooth things out.

I found the head was looking a tad savage when I was done, so chopped out his long nose. He's now got a bit of a gappy, goofy mouth - and I couldn't resist giving him a tongue of some of the chopped-off Red Valerian.

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