Thursday, 30 June 2016

smashed flat by the rain

It's been a rainy June. Of course that's good considering the amount of watering I have to do some years, but of all things, my Amelenchier has been twatted by the rain. All upward-pointing branches are now dangling. At first I thought a pigeon (Amelenchier berries tasty, pigeons are not good at judging their own weight) but then I realised that the branches damaged were those that had been pointing up. I fiddled with a couple thinking about splints, then saw how many branches were damaged and moved onto tidying up.

Other things smashed flat by the rain this year:
  • Opium Poppies. Two flowers, then; smashed flat by the rain
  • Daffodils. Face down in the mud.
  • Tulips: Exotic Emperors, rolling in the dirt
  • Lychnis; Hot pink cut flowers now!
  • Grape Hyacinth: Flopping dismally in their pots
  • Rose Blue Moon: Into the bud vase with you.
Struggling to remember what an Amelenchier is? Meet my (fan) Service Bush:

raindrops in leaves Service Bush
Service bush Service bush

A useful plant, with year round interest. Berries edible rather than palatable.

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