Thursday, 9 June 2016

looking at chelsea

It's the fanciest possible garden show, very crowded, and reputedly chock-full of celebrities. But what does it look like? Well, a bit like this:

driftwood fantasies the prettiest pansies
hummingbird ethnography/carnival/floristics
orchid tunnel Harrods English Eccentricity Garden

That bottom right shot is a celebrity; Diarmud Gavin, of the Rusty Shed controversy, pantomiming watering his "English Eccentrics" garden, which he did steadily, throughout the day, at 15 minute intervals. It's not hard to see a celebrity at Chelsea; you just have to wait. Sadly the deficiencies of my camera left him out of shot. and in any case, tripping over celebrities left right and centre quickly palls, as demonstrated by a couple in a one of the queues who had found their trip repeatedly interrupted by Carol Klein being interviewed in front of something they wanted to look at sort of amusing/annoying.

These photos all show the crowds, which are intense but not at Glastonbury levels - you can still see pretty much everything, even though the site is small, densely packed, intense. The orchid tunnel was a shuffle through in single file display, but this was the exception rather than the rule.

More photos, including a garden I really liked and some flowers that caught my attention, including this, the most beautiful plant (which I duly bought).

himalayan blue

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