Saturday, 27 February 2016

take the nature away from me

Occasionally, Wallpaper magazine, home of the elegant, design-obsessed urbanite, feels impelled to do little profiles of outdoor clothing. It is, after all, a world of high-tech innovation, materials improvement and cutting edge design, and, as such, newsworthy. The models who end up in these shoots often seem to share the same expression, which can be summed up as: I signed up for Wallpaper - I didn't expect Countryfile.

Check out Nathan Saignes, below, rocking the pouty-private-school-boy-collapsed-in-a-ditch-after-overdoing-the-cider look. I especially like how he experimentally touches the grass (clean grass, I note, primped, cleaned, dressed and studded with Chelsea quality florals) and then thinks better of it.

Oh, the fervid beauty of the studio garden, perfectly lit, made to be perfect for a single glistening half-day and oh-so-proud of its reflective white background. Designer Matt Wright reputedly likes it messy, and perhaps it is; by Wallpaper standards.

You can see the full set of pictures, including Nathan turning his back on all this greenery nonsense, revelations about the hi-tech clothes  and an incomplete but still intriguing plant list, over at

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