Thursday, 25 February 2016

february flowers

Some things really never stopped flowering this year, but that hasn't stopped my little back garden being damp, cold, mucky, tatty and above all dark. The flowers are coming in though, for the year; like little cold torches in the february murk.

blue pansy burgundy hellebore pioneer narcissus
common heather sic transit daffodil hectic cherry
daffodil, still petticoated flopped crocus midnight purple ruffles

Chilly faces downturned, petals still tightly wrapped, and all the damage of storms, rain, and my year-round slugs showing, they are nevertheless all things bright and beautiful, especially at this dark, downturned time of year.

I eventually took pity on that poor daffodil and took it inside, for my first flower bunch of the year, which is that flopped daffodil with Green Trick Carnations (which don't stop "flowering" ever, because that's not a flower) and Winter Jasmine, which is following the Gorse strategy of never being out of blossom:

february bouquet

Alys Fowler has set herself the challenge of having home-grown flowers in the house every week this year; I'm not sure I'll quite manage that. But there may be a new bouquet every month.

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