Saturday, 13 February 2016

dendrobium repottage

I have a variety of orchids in the house, all bought on sale. This one (Manager's Clearance) marks the first time I ever saw a Dendrobium orchid for sale in a supermarket. There were ranks of them on a big unit being sold for a fiver, presumably to familiarise people with them as a product (or maybe some breeder had dumped thousands of low grade plants on the market - they were "allsorts" - not an identifiable variety, but no less beautiful for it).

Manager's Clearance isn't the plant it used to be. The old stems are depleted and new stems (keikis) are sprouting all over, little subplants complete with roots.

repotting dendrobium repotting dendrobium
repotting dendrobium repotting dendrobium

One of the old stems fell off. The little keikis were all starting to rot. So I took a sharp pair of scissors and chopped off the stems, in the hope that the old pot will resprout. Everything that looked green went into its own little pot. This, apparently, is a "long term" way to get flowers. But I actually quite like the look or orchid foliage, and especially the air roots. A few little keikis around the place won't go amiss.

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