Thursday, 18 February 2016

christening the IKEA growhouse

The seedlings are beginning to need potting on, insanely quickly as it always seems. Pop pop pop they go, far faster than I can find them cosy spaces for growing on.

tomatoes chapter 1

There is the first set, looking massively unprepossessing. Those are Black Krim, aka Black Russian, a super-savoury large beefsteak tomato with a solid umami kick. They're an uncommercial variety (I often have to chop away up to a quarter of the fruit) but very, very tasty.

Worried by the frailty of the tiny seedlings, I was looking for a lid for them when I remembered VINDRUVA, an IKEA impulse purchase:

new growhouse

It is unfortunately irritatingly narrow; you can see that I had to stagger the pots, and could only cram in seven. But on the bright side, finding somewhere for it to live is very easy. I was even able to balance it on a radiator to warm up the compost (they won't live there, it's just to ease the transition from heated propagator to chilly windowsill).

Now the seedlings are on the windowsill, leaving only the problem of what to do with the next lot of seedlings.

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