Thursday, 28 January 2016

winter lights and purple pot

The early blossom is starring the black branches. Walking home in the dark, I glance up and there are white flowers. In my back garden, two days of frost failed to dim the enthusiasms of my tiny Japanese cherry tree or the winter jasmine. The winter is warm. The sap is rising.

wild plum blossom wild plum blossom

The apple tree was already flushing red along its branches. A precious few cooler days and a spare hour on a Saturday and it was time for the great repotting.

For the first time ever, it looks like the tree is not too big for its pot. Glossy coated fibreglass, it's almost double the volume of the previous pot. Here's hoping it's enough to stave off the problems of last year (few leaves, small fruit, and other signs of stress).

Of course it's madness it's growing an apple tree in a pot, but it's my madness, and I like it.

A flying visit to London included a trip to the London Cat Village (a "village themed cat cafe") but also a wander through the winter light festival (London Lumiere). Leicester Square was done up as a giant glowing garden:

garden of light garden of light
electric light bulb tree Lily of the valley table lights
star wars and lumiere lily of the valley and tree

I loved those Lily of the Valley tables. They should be up all year round.

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