Saturday, 9 January 2016

The January catwalk of new varieties

Hurrah for my list! My working-from home day lunch hour gave me just enough time to:

  • Get all remaining bulbs into the soil
  • Clear away the rotting grapes
So the garden's ground has been broken for 2016. Meanwhile, in my inbox, fantasy gardening continues apace with a giddy parade of new fantastical varieties none of which I must buy until I've done my seed audit. Oooh, but they're tempting....

From the House of Unwin come some fabulous purples - Morning Glory Inkspot might persuade my resident population into a blue shift as currently they are in shades of magenta to pink. Nemesia Framboise, in the exact colours of an Urban Hypercolour vest I owned in the 90s, some startling blue takes on standard varieties - Petunia Aladdin Nautical Mix and Aquilegia Spring Magic Navy and the astonishing, Swiss flag coloured Poppy Victoria Cross.

From T&M comes their upgrade on the Chocolate Cosmos - Cosmos Astrosanguineus "Eclipse" - darker, richer and more chocolatey than ever, a practically pink Marigold _ Marigold Strawberry Blonde, and many astonishing shades of Petunia including the appropriately named Petunia Night Sky and the neon-pop Petunia Cremissimo, plus freaky-deaky delights like Mosquitaway Geraniums and Daffodil Begonias.

Suttons weigh in with frost tender but fabulous Caladium Postman Joyner in shrieking neon green and pink, Cosmos Xanthos, a true yellow Cosmos, and Indigo Rose, The Black Tomato, which sounds like a detective novel worth reading.

But before any gap filling, the seed audit.

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