Saturday, 17 October 2015

great balls of fairy lights

I'm not a big fan of the hanging plastic box ball, as seen (often faded to shades of blueish grey) outside failing pubs on grimey roundabouts, or hanging like tiny green warnings outside unappealing takeaways. But maybe I am being unreasonably harsh. I walked past this striking view the other night (going home just after dusk).

Lights at night

Do you see the plastic box balls, hanging there, either side of a doorway in all probability (it was too dark to see), their sprinkling of fairy lights mimicking the luminescent sky behind? It is at that perfect moment of the evening when real life mimics Magritte's Empire of Light series; day hangs in the sky, but the night has come to the street.

At this moment, burnt to a black silhouette and scattered with surreal sparks of solar powered fairy lights, the artificial box balls come into their own. Oh! I bet they're this one. It's a good price, too.

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