Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Late summer OTT

Flowers!!!! It's hard to get a sense of scale from these photos, but if you're getting the impression that's a big Begonia (bottom left), it is. The trunk (I can give it no other word) is as thick as a recorder. The bloom is the size of a cat's head. Next year I'm going to find it the biggest pot available and see if I can upgrade it from the height of a toddler to the height of a tween.

Nothing that's not a tree is taller than my Hollyhocks, of course (top right). This one's a bit Barbie (they come up different colours every year).

fuchsia hollyhock
Begonia Calla Lily

The Fuchsia (top left) is no slouch either - it;s a big bloom variety, with flowers that fill your hand. I now (since the multiple Fuchsia incident) officially have waaay too many fuchsias. They're never going to all fit in the greenhouse. Here's hoping some are hardy, although Quasar (for it is she, in coy mode) is a dreaded HHP (half hardy perennial) and it's not going to like sitting on a cold patio all winter.

The Calla and the Begonia will both need whisking into a cosy dry compost bed for the winter. Thus the garden becomes ever more complex.

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