Friday, 18 September 2015

autumn plantings

September is the perfect point in time to be planting things. Perfect, I tell you! Which is exactly why I got given an eight of viola seedlings for FREE at Homebase. That got me started. Then the special offers started rolling in...

So next I bought some plugs - the Verbascum look a bit minimal (and over a week later, there's only a bit of standing upright going on) but the Lobelia Scarlet Starships are bright and healthy. My Foxglove and Coleus seedlings are also raring to get out and get eaten by slugs going.

What next? Well, seeds, obviously. I have a Garland Super-7 standing fallow right now. I just need seven seeds that fancy growing right now. So, what've I got?

  • Fox and Cubs - I bought these from a wildflower stall at a garden show. I quite fancy planting them in the front lawn, to set off the regular lardings of catshit. Any time of year indoors, it says here.
  • Teasel - Fine to plant until October. I have a lot of seeds, so can try a variety of approaches, indoors and out. We have lots of goldfinches, so I really want to get this memorial to our much-beloved cat planted and growing well.
  • Tree Spinach - I've grown a few of these so far this year, but let them bolt rather tried eating them. Winter should see me more enthusiastic about trying weird bright magenta leaves which I'm sure will be lovely when drowned in pepper and butter.
  • Nigella Oxford Blue - I'm pretty sure these will want sowing outside, really but given how many seeds come in a packet, I'm sure I can spare a few for the propagator.
  • Ladybird Poppy - as above, though I'll need to disturb some soil. 
  • Cerinthe - I tried growing these from plugs last year and didn't get them big enough in time. Maybe a late sow will do better?
  • Calendula - I have some pretty varieties, but the slugs almost always get them. Is it late enough in the season to rush through a flower or seven that won't get eaten by slugs?  
That's off the top of my head. Who knows what I'll find when I actually get out the seed box? I've already put out some cow parsley and yellow rattle (it grew in the bathing area meadow this year, and I harvested seeds) and I'm quite sure there is some ancient cowslip in an envelope somewhere. 

And there's always one more thing that looks tempting.

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