Friday, 28 August 2015

The railingbaskets outside the council offices

Every morning, a ways after the sad remnants of the mature plane trees (would I like to add this picture to the Cruelty to Trees - Bad Tree Work group? Why, yes I would) I walk past the railingbaskets. These are not as plentiful as they once were, but still put on a good show in season, contrasting cheerfully with the concrete brut of the council offices.

Last year's boisterous electioneering colour-schemes have been replaced this year with something icier and more restrained; and in every pot, hanging-basket and trough, the same plant predominates; hardy, reliable, easy-to-maintain Petunia Surfina.

hanging basket hanging basket
hanging basket hanging basket
None of your cheap pinks and magentas, though. This is Blue Vein, which gives something of an insect's eye view of the plant (insects see in unltraviolet, and have markings invisible to the human eye which often make a dark "target shape" around the centre).

It's been used so consistently and thoroughly that I'm sold. Anything that can thrive so thoroughly in those tiny municipal spaces can cope with my lackadaisical watering and tiny containers. Plus it is perfect as background, filler, foil; neither dull nor spectacular, but interesting.

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