Wednesday, 5 August 2015

other people's gardens : lavender on the battlements

I'm back at 4 Folly Bridge again (home of Goose Castle) but this time, the evening sun has caught the roof, where a bright green little garden is nestled among the statues, battlements and dramatic chimneypots. It must be vertiginous - the house is at least four stories high.

rooftop garden

Soft pine trees are just visible over the turning-japanese fencing, with box balls and other low pots enclosing a small, private space (if anyone is up there, they would have to stand up and look around for me to see them). Either genuine lead troughs or a more practical plastic facsimile put lavender at shoulder-brushing height as you head for the steps.

The third lavender pot his suffering in the dry, but also has a suspicious gap in the centre of it; almost exactly as if a pigeon had nested there.

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