Friday, 7 August 2015

other people's gardens : a heady profusion

I spotted this tangle from afar, over an old wall retaining some exciting modern architecture. What could that exotic creeper be, I thought, with its lovely pink-purple flowers lit up by the summer sun, and those translucent green leaves?


Up close it resolved into two great thugs of the garden duking it out over an old stone wall. Bindweed and Willowherb - the flower fairies the others don't talk about. It looks like there's a tiny gap between the modern fence and the ancient wall; and a tiny gap is all either of these two need. They'll probably be competing to pull down the wall come next spring, but for now they're doing that thing that fabulous heady profusion thing that weeds revel in, that makes it really hard to tear them out before damage is done.

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