Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Other people's gardens: the cactushouse

This heated and lit greenhouse (at a friend's) is an astonishing mass of happy cacti. Prickles and flowers. Note the watering trays. They need an occasional, proper soak, and nice warm fresh, dry air. The greenhouse even had that slightly arid feel, like the desert house at the Botanical gardens -- though that may just be the difference between warm, civilised London and damp old Oxford (my greenhouse is at times positively soggy).

hairy and spikey logical expression flowers!!!
cactus field red flower bunches
A bit fuzzy wiggle in the middle worshipful knob gang

In the usual way, there were a bunch of cuttings on a lower shelf merrily sprouting in pots from the plants that shed rooting stems and leaves (a bit of a habit among succulents). I was sent home with an Orbea Variegata, AKA the Stinky Feet Plant (though I think this might be a family name as I'm not seeing it online! Aasblom is almost as funny, though - and it really does smell!) At a bend in the North Circular, it promptly became three Aasbloms, though as I lack cactus compost they are both now potted up in regular houseplant compost, while desperately seeking sun in my verandah, so they may not survive.

They're not in the best place, either for heat or light, but it has a sprawling habit that isn't interacting well with the windowsills. I wonder if I can find it a tiny tower from somewhere?

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