Thursday, 16 July 2015

Leaf by leaf, the Planes return

The savage cutting off of the trees outside our office windows has not improved our working environment. Carefully-placed flip-chart sheets now shade the worst of the sun, instead of green leaves. The window-height birds and squirrels have gone, hopefully to new homes where the trees are as yet unmenaced. But five of the trees were left as trunks, not very tall (they're chopped off a few feet higher than the busstops) and last week this was visible:

hope returns

It's not many leaves, for high summer, but it's definitely leaves. We might even have the first of the next crop of branches showing there, suggesting a rather better shape than the ridiculous fluffy lollipop look (more often seen on municipal limes) I thought might happen.

It'll be a while before they get tall enough to shade the third floor though; if that ever happens again.

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