Thursday, 9 July 2015

considering tape and plastic pavilions

We were walking through London to a busstop early in the day and swung by the Serpentine Pavilion 2015. It was so early, we had to wait for the morning film crew to be swept out and replaced by cafe seating. It was already drawing a crowd, some fabulously dressed (top left) others stopping off while walking dogs or children. While some foot-tapped outside the entrance, we sat on the stern stone benches against the yews (top right) and watched the staff wrangle tables and ice-buckets through the translucent walls.

awaiting pavilion awaiting pavilion
circle border tree the glow hangs above
Inside, the struts and the plastic seemed firm enough, but pieces of tape were already stretching and slipping. I watched a very cheerful dog slip straight through a tape wall, and several toddlers deftly prevented from doing the same. Probably best to go see it soon.

My neighbours, next door have done something similar. They've got hold of a vast metal gazebo frame and put it over the patio table, with its umbrella. When they want more shelter, or space for more visitors, on goes the outer layer. It's not as shiny, but the principle's the same.

Which leads me to wondering about next weekend, and my garden party. I'm sure I've seen something similar (albeit on a smaller scale) at Glastonbury built from bent willow and survival blankets. Could it be done?

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