Saturday, 20 June 2015

The joy of post packs

There are a list of flowers on my special offer list. This acknowledges that they're a little too luxe and I really don't have space, but that they're nice flowers and should they ever turn up on the one quid sale or the mad offer week or the 24 hour sale, well maybe....

This year, two turned up in a row. Begonia Crispa Marginata which I like for its resemblance to a nudibranch. And Fuchsia Fairy Blue, which looked like a sweet alternative to my perennial favoutite Delta's Sarah. The begonia turned up fast and is currently sprouting in the shed. The fuchsias failed to arrive, but it was a busy week and I forgot all about it.

The internet did not forget, and considerably later I received a surprise apology and post pack. The post packs are great - up to twenty plantlets contained, retains moisture and admits light, slips through the letter box with nary a reason to trouble the recycling box or a neighbour. But wait, what?

months later, these turned up I wonder which is the Quasar?
The Fairy Blues were not up to their stringent quality standards for practically free plants, so instead I got a mixed bunch of giant doubles. Goodness. But I'm looking forward to seeing the Quasar.

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