Friday, 26 June 2015

Other people's gardens: the Green House

Look at this semi-terrace house, shoved in a gap between two bigger houses. Five steps back from the street, tidy behind brick wall, iron gate, parking restrictions. I like the colour of the brick on this house, but can you see what's going on in the upstairs windows?

Green house

Plants. Lots of plants. There's a plants for sale sign in the window, just above the geraniums. They look like sweet peppers, maybe, or aubergines - something rich and hungry, that makes tasty food.

The front garden is clearly less cared for than the greenhouse within. There's a sucker ash (a pernicious weed in the area) sprouting behind the wheelie bins, though plenty of pots in the front garden mean the space is not wasted; and that Magnolia clipped just so; to suggest privacy, without obscuring light.

And inside? Well, I'm guessing the living proof that you can have a jungle in the city.

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