Friday, 22 May 2015

Spriggy gets a trim, 2015

The moment had come. Spriggy had become shaggy. Out came the Tescos Value garden shears (none of your Burgon and Ball Topiary Trimmers for me) (mostly becuase I can't figure out how to use them) and up the stepladder I went, to trim my topiary lizard.

Raising Spriggy's tail Defining Spriggy's eyes

As usual I got a few thumbs ups and wows from passers by (very nice) so I thought I was doing quite well this year. I had enough on top to start raising the tail (eventually there will be proper daylight through that) and enough on his head to get the shield and swivelling eyes going.Still needs more height on his back, and off-side legs (not photographed) are a bit vestigial. and those eyes aren't round enough, but... look at that. That's a Chameleon, isn't it?

Spriggy Stardust 2015

Just as I was sweeping up my privet trimmings my neighbours came out and we had a bit of a chat (like you do). "We were talking about how hard it is to get topiary right," said herself, "But you can really see the ears now."

If I'd been near a desk my head would have been on it.

How Spriggy looked last year.

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