Saturday, 9 May 2015

other people's gardens: the wisteria house

I'm a walking commuter, and it's usually the tow path. Except for the four months of the year that would mean walking hopefully through pitch darkness while the brave and the bold among the cyclists hurtle along a narrow path lit only their high brightness of their LEDs... yes, usually I take the road. It's dull, but it does have its compensations.

This house, for example:

the pink wisteria house

It looks good at any time of year, but I suspect that right now is the moment in time that this house's occupant looks at it with satisfaction and thinks yes, that is exactly what I was aiming for. The felt-tippy pen combination of wisteria lilac and thousand-island dressing pink is not a whit twee or mimsy, but unapologetically bold and brae. Later on, when it's a froth of lime green leaves, it carries on looking beautiful. Note also the big Rosemary bush to brush past on the way in, and the pot of basic bright red tulips. Fabulous.

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