Thursday, 14 May 2015

it's bright out front

This weekend it was time to take the front garden in hand. The Forsythia had overshot, and branches were lurching in all directions; my tiny patch of grass/message post for local tom-cats was shaggy and shitty; and Spriggy Stardust the topiary Chameleon was losing his definition. Time to clip and chop.

The front gardens are having a moment right now - everything that's not been concreted or tarmaced over is looking good, whether it's (from top left) elaborate and carefully tended, run to wildflowers, thoroughly neglected and overgrown, or brightly coloured and plastic. It's also a good moment to plan for the future. That brave little pattern of box spriglets (bottom left) will one day be a smart formal fronting, the bare soil smartened with gravel or infilled with herbs, bedding, tulips... so many possibilities.

enclosed bird table front lawn wild-style
spring growth pub garden
dreams of formality what are you?

That pink flower at the bottom (also in someone else's front garden) is a puzzle. It looks like Batchelor's Buttons, but there's not a pink variety of that. An internet search later I've found someone else saying the exact same thing; it looks like a Kerria, but pink!?! 

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