Wednesday, 22 April 2015

other people's gardens: the green roof bike shed

I've actually seen a few of these around town - there's one at the bottom of Iffley Road that's very House Leek focussed - but I caught this one in the very pink of perfection, freshly planted and looking like it skipped straight out of Pinterest and into reality.

I suspect this household of harbouring many fine craft projects. The plant choice impresses, too; Erigeron happily self-seeds along the sandbagged sides of the Thames, and that green fluffy stuff needs but a fragment and a crack to survive. Veronica is tough as old boots, and will trail fluffy masses of blue flowers down over those little pink bikes, and Arabis should be in its element.

The Auricula is a bit bold, but sometimes you need to take a punt on something beautiful, and the most surprising plants can decide they're fine in the strangest places.

Long may it thrive.

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