Wednesday, 11 March 2015

spring: it is on

The blossom in the centre I spotted walking home. It was dark already and the first blossom was out on the trees, catching the last of the skylight and the first of the streetlight, glowing in the bare trees. It's that beautiful enamel and metal time of spring, when everything seems clean and new as factory-fresh flatware or vintage jewellery, but fresh as when it was first crafted.

The others are all from my garden. Crimson Bonfire Peach and OMG Nectarine (named for its astonishing barbie-pink brightness) are in the greenhouse, but everything else is out in the mud and the cold. That tease of a daffodil did eventually open properly! The Hellebores are rather nice, but I do feel an urge to round them out with a Blue Metallic Lady if I can find a good one.

Alas, the pests would also like me to know what a mild winter it has been, and how glad they are it is spring:

You may have to click through to see the enormously fat little aphid nestling in the Narcissus.

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