Wednesday, 11 February 2015

The snow is on the dinosaurs

Winter is a real flirt this year. Day after day of warm weather, then suddenly, bam! A hard frost. Or a faintly ridiculous clumpy snowfall. Or bitter eastern winds. That daffodil (bottom middle) is a cheat, of course; it's inside the window, a forced winter narcissus (Jetfire). The dinosaurs (OK, one is a Guineafowl, but they're pretty much Microraptors really) live outside all year round and are a mixture of charity shop finds and fancy Schleichs bought for me by Tim Science. The seed heads with their huge beehives of snow remind me ever so slightly of Marge Simpson.

Gardening is mostly tiny scraps of work at the moment; a greenhouse run here, leaves onto the flowerbed, raspberries chopped to the ground, a fleece on the Agapanthus. But three hours of sun last weekend meant a chunk of hedge could be removed, seed stalks flattened, old woody stems of congested wallflowers removed. Let in the light!

Oh no! I didn't include the snowdrops. Here they are.

They seem to have wandered a bit from last year.

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