Saturday, 24 January 2015

Secret bench secret no longer

The secret bench on the tow-path has been uncovered! It still looks like it could do with some work!

Forestry went along the path in the first weeks of the year, giving all the undergrowth a hard cut. Nests and hideyholes have gone, along with a remarkable amount of garbage (the larger pieces were left in can-you-believe-someone-left-this-in-a-bush heaps for collection). I'm sad for the nests, and the path will be less sheltered, but there's an open brightness about the path now that is appealing.

Also, Forestry got the "University of Trees" sash off the ash tree:

It was a charming idea (quite a few trees were labelled this way one year as an art project) but those trees without owners to pop up and dispose of the sashes discreetly before winter ended up with a problem  - this tree had its sash for several years and look at the damage to the tree bark. That's nearly rotted round, and if it had, the tree would have been executed by its own eminence.

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