Saturday, 17 January 2015

January flowers

 It started snowing today. Rubbish snow, frankly. A little shower that melted the overnight dusting and rapidly gave way to blue skies and warm, springish breezes. My garden is taking little notice of winter, although the Chrysanthemum (below, centre)  is not being kept outside. It's in my cool but fully sheltered shed, a perspex roof allowing enough light in to keep it contented. That Chrysanthemum! It was supposed to be yellow (I bought it as a tiny rooted cutting in a plastic tube from a grower at Hampton Court) but it came up white, with a flush of palest green that faded over time to the rose blush you see here. I've never seen anything quite like it, but the plant seems solid enough! Hopefully I'll be able to keep it through a few years (barring any surprise -10 winters, which is what did in my last round of Chrysanthemums).

I got a bit snap-happy over the Winter Clematis, as it's new this year. It's doing well; and that's the Christmas tulips, en route to the compost. Time to leave Christmas and look on to spring! That Scabious is there already, it says. Bonkers plant.

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