Friday, 28 November 2014

Singing Parasols at the Chelsea Art College

We went to see the Turner Prize exhibition, which I do tend to want to do; there's often good ideas to take back to the garden. But, not this year really. Lots of crabby video art cowering in the dark, just one room of something non-video, which was quite lively but nothing that would really work outside. But across the road as we left the gallery, we saw lights, and heard some musical noises. On closer inspection this was coming from a group of four garden parasols installed in the neon-lined courtyard of the UAL. The gate was open, so we went for a look:

The pots contained speakers, concealed with cheerful greenery. The thickened parasol posts had little contacts on them, and when touched together, these made music, while the parasol tops flashed multi-colours in time to the music.

It was lovely, interactive, engaging and an excellent response to the local environment. I'd take the Turner Prize straight across the road to this, to be honest. And I'm newly inspired to get some noisemakers into the garden, next year maybe, for a summer party.

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